Size guide

Find the right size for your rabbit.

Just to be absolutely sure that the measurements are taken correctly, we must make sure that you measure the circumference completely close with a sewing tape measure or similar, based on the drawing.

The sizes vary in circumference:

Socks with Velcro

Small: A: 3-5 cmØ, B: 8 cmØ

Medium: A: 5-7 cmØ, W: 9 cmØ

Large: A: 6-9 cmØ, B: 10 cmØ


Socks with button closure

Small: A: ca. 4 cmØ, W: 8 cmØ

Medium: A: ca. 6 cmØ, W: 9 cmØ

Large: A: ca. 6 and 8 cmØ, W: 10 cmØ

2 sets of extra buttons are included for each pair.

The buttons are sewn on, which is why they can also be removed and sewn on to suit your rabbit's specific measurements. This is an option, but we still recommend keeping the sewn-on button, as it is stapled with a special tailoring method so it holds better.


The most important goal is A, as the sock must be able to fit relatively well, whereas it should preferably be a little loose in goal B.


A: measured just before the angle (hock) down towards the foot, however max 1.5 cm above (ie on the lower leg and not the foot).

B: measured just before the foot pads / toes, however, the goal around the foot pads can be important in relation to whether the paw can get through the opening of the sock.


As all our products are hand-sewn, there may be variations in appearance as well as minor size differences, which are of no practical significance.