Recommendation for start-up

Wrabbit - gir paw

- At least it restores the fur on the hind paws, as friction against the surface is minimized and at the same time relieves the paw.

We attach great importance to the product helping as many rabbits as possible. In particular, rabbits that are facing incipient paw problems or paw problems to a severe degree.

Therefore, it is important for us to inform about the following:

  • Paw problems in rabbits occur more frequently than first assumed and in varying degrees of severity, which is why acceptance of the product in your rabbit requires attention.
  • In case of paw problems, further treatment may be needed and it is therefore recommended to start treatment in consultation with a veterinarian. You can, together with your veterinarian, make a plan for the treatment of your particular rabbit.
  • Since Wrabbit socks are not an item your rabbit was born with, a habituation period may be needed under supervision. Most rabbits accept Wrabbit socks and only a few can have a longer starting period. At the time of writing, there is 90% acceptance of Wrabbit in the rabbits who have tried it.
  • It is important that your rabbit has a good experience with Wrabbit socks, which is why a good start means everything for the future treatment. Rabbits have a good memory - therefore the first introduction is important.
  • Some rabbits are more sensitive than others and therefore require a longer period of habituation - stress neither yourself nor your rabbit, but make it a training with treats.
  • It can not be avoided that there are cases where Wrabbit socks are not accepted, but then must be used for relief during the day during supervision.
  • If your rabbit shows great interest in grooming the area, scents can be applied to the sock that your rabbit does not show interest in. Ask your veterinarian.
  • In the initial phase, there may be strange jumps / kicks from your rabbit - it just needs to get used to the new sock. Should the sock be easily kicked off during these episodes, the sock is considered to be too large.