Washing instructions

The Wrabbit sock is recommended to be washed at 30 o c and can withstand drying.

Wrabbit is pre-washed in neutral detergent, so it meets all health requirements for your rabbit.

We recommend that in future you wash Wrabbit in neutral or similar detergent without additives and perfume.

Although Wrabbit socks are approved for washing at up to 60 o c, the socks are best spared by washing them at 3 0 o c. It is also recommended to close the velcro during washing so as not to wear it unnecessarily.

It is important that Wrabbit is dry before use, as Wrabbit is antibacterial and breathable, among other things. These properties will be impaired by using a wet Wrabbit.

Frequency of washing depends on how much they are used and the severity of paw sores.

For daily use during the day, washing is recommended at least once a week.