Sold out items

At the time of writing, Wrabbit socks has several products SOLD OUT, which we are very sorry about.
Due to great interest, we have not been able to keep up with demand.
This is due to:
  • As the product is hand-sewn and made of special types of fabric, there is currently a 2 week delivery time.
  • Wrabbit socks are 100% Danish produced, which means no mass production is made.
  • The product is cut up so that you as a consumer get a product that is made with great passion.
  • Wrabbit socks are the first product on the market that can alleviate problems with fur wear, incipient paw sores and paw infections.
We strive to have Wrabbit socks for online sale again in week 38. SALE ITEMS will therefore continue to be available for purchase when stock is available again.