Product description

Wrabbit socks are designed for rabbits with an extra need for the protection of their hind legs. It helps to restore the worn fur so that the fur can again protect the paw in a natural way.

The protective and soft blanket that always accompanies your rabbit, completely without disturbing its jump or movement.

Wrabbit is Danish designed by a Danish veterinarian with a great interest in the rabbits' health.

There are many thoughts behind the making of Wrabbit socks.

  • Hand-sewn by a Danish seamstress.
  • Location of seams.
  • Oeko-tex and GOTS certified skin-friendly materials, which are approved for babies and can withstand many washes. No harmful chemicals have been used in the manufacture of the materials.
  • The correct choice of material:
    • Durable
    • Antibacterial properties
    • Natural materials (towards your rabbit's paw)
    • Breathable
    • Liquid tight, when using lubricating treatment or when bleeding
    • Absorbent materials that hold liquid and do not cause irritation
    • Comfort

The Wrabbit products are pre-washed in neutral detergent, so it meets all health requirements for your rabbit.

All this ensures that your rabbit gets the best in a high quality.

It is now possible to buy a package with a right and left turn, but if you only see the problem on one of the hind paws, it will also be possible to buy them individually.

It is our recommendation that Wrabbit is used according to the veterinarian's recommendation and an overall treatment plan is drawn up together with the veterinarian.