About us

Wrabbit ApS was established in 2020 in Aarhus by Tine and Dennis. Tine is a trained veterinarian and has for many years worked in private practice where she primarily deals with pets. Tine has some experience in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in rabbits, and by virtue of her work she has encountered countless rabbits with paw sores.

Paw sores in rabbits can be complicated to treat and often a satisfactory result is not achieved. An important reason why the treatment often fails is that the bandages bother the rabbit, who will try to bite it off or bite it to pieces. Many rabbit owners probably recognize the frustration of having to consult a veterinarian several times, to get a new dressing on the rabbit, or having to invest in carpets throughout the house to reduce the progression of the paw sore.

There has simply not been a good solution in the market for rabbits with paw sores that are both effective, comfortable and organic. Therefore, Tine decided to develop a dressing sock that could meet the needs, as well as be easy for the owner to put on.

After researching the properties of different fabric types, Tine selected 3 types of fabric, and sewed her first prototype at home on a sewing machine. The rabbit sock was tested at the clinic and in social circles with great success and we therefore decided to sell the sock so other rabbits can benefit from it. The sock for rabbits is now produced by a professional seamstress in Aarhus, who sews it by hand, and the sock has since been modified in fit and design to create the optimal product for your rabbit :)

We hope you and your rabbit enjoy your new Wrabbit Sock!