The sock is easy to put on, even if you are alone with the task, it may require a little training for you and your rabbit..

Applying gently takes place by gathering your rabbit's toes and leading them down to the bottom of (the heel) of the sock. Grasp the heel and gently push the heel of the sock up along the foot against your rabbit's heel so that your rabbit's toes gently appear in the opening.

Wrabbit is gently tightened around the lower leg with velcro, which is located on the outside of the leg, to avoid nuisance in your rabbit. The lower part of the sock where the paw is placed may be large in size (B), as the most important part of the sock that must match your rabbit's legs is the part with velcro (A). The advantage of velcro is that even though the fabric may give a little, the velcro will always be able to be adjusted exactly to fit your rabbit's legs. To find the right size for your rabbit read morehere.

If the sock is placed correctly, your rabbit will not kick it off or show any interest in the form of destruction. There will always be exceptions and therefore some rabbits may need a habituation period. If you are a member of the site, it is possible to read morehere.

If your rabbit bites into the sock, it must be adjusted, checked for fur that is trapped or completely removed for a short period of time. In that case, it is used for a start, as a relief.

It is important to always try putting on one sock at a time and let your rabbit sense and move around with that one sock. If successful, both socks can be tried on at the same time and / or try with one paw first and the next day with the other paw.